LHOA 10/23/14 Board Meeting Minutes

October 23 Board meeting – Recently the Longacres Homeowners Association (LHOA) Board met for their quarterly meeting.  The board reviewed financials including aged receivables and discussed current outstanding issues. Some key updates include the following items. For more details on the meetings, please review LHOA Board meeting minutes 2014-10-23.

  • The financials are in good shape. The Board approved 2015 budget with a $10 (2%) increase in annual dues for 2015.
  • The “Free Little Library” has arrived and needs to be painted before being installed near East Park. We are looking for someone to volunteer to add some color to the house. Please send us email if you are willing to help.
  • The Board approved re-surfacing the tennis courts based on recommendations from vendors and maintenance to repair the falling stone on the Longacres/Galpin entrance in the spring.
  • The City of Chanhassen did not approve helping fund installation of the iron-enhanced sand filter on Longacres pond (at end of Harrison Hill) and installing 3-10’ perennial buffer around both Longacres ponds with fountains. The board will apply for funding from Watershed District for the buffers only and not the sand filter.

Annual meeting – Thursday, 11/13 at 7pm at Chanhassen Community Center Room 3

  • Longacres Board – 2 new Board members needed – Aaron Bloomquist and Stephanie Wolf terms will be ending this year. We need two homeowners who want to make a difference and continue to keep Longacres a great place to live. Board members do the majority of communication via email plus attend quarterly board meetings. If you are interested in providing input into the future of our neighborhood, please contact one of the board members for more details.
  • Proxies – if you are unable to attend, please turn in the proxy that was mailed to you to a Board member or mail to property management address on the form. We need forum of homeowners for voting purposes.

Happy Halloween!

  • Have a safe and enjoyable Halloween.
  • If you have concerns about inappropriate activities in the neighborhood, please contact Carver County sheriff so that they can properly handle and keep everyone and their property safe.