LHOA 8/27/14 Board Meeting Minutes

August 27 Board meeting – Recently the Longacres Homeowners Association (LHOA) Board met for their quarterly meeting.  The board reviewed financials including aged receivables and discussed current outstanding issues.  Some key updates include the following items.  For more details on the meetings, please review LHOA Board meeting minutes 2014-08-27.

  • Approved purchasing “Free Little Library” that was recently recommended by a homeowner and supported by several others.  Library will be installed on LHOA common area at Longacres Drive and Bent Bow Trail.
  • Watershed District is working on finalizing plans for the two ponds on Longacres and still plan to get work done this fall.  The Board is waiting for final plans and costs from district and city.  Plan is to install iron-enhanced sand filter trench on Longacres pond (at end of Harrison Hill) to filter phosphorus from going into larger pond and installing 3-10’ perennial buffer around both Longacres ponds with fountains.
  • Over 122 homeowners have signed up for NextDoor website.  We have received many positive comments on the social media tool.  If you want to reduce the quantity of emails you are going, log into website and change your settings to daily, weekly or no emails.
  • Board approved replacing electrical wiring at Galpin/Longacres entrance to eliminate the breaker issues and staining the Galpin privacy fence this fall.

Longacres Board – 2 Board members needed – Aaron Bloomquist and Stephanie Wolf terms will be ending this year.  We need two homeowners who want to make a difference and continue to keep Longacres a great place to live.  Board members do the majority of communication via email plus attend quarterly board meetings.  If you are interested in providing input into the future of our neighborhood, please contact one of the board members for more details.