LHOA 6/14/14 Board Meeting Minutes

April 16 Board meeting – Recently the Longacres Homeowners Association (LHOA) Board met for their quarterly meeting.  The board reviewed financials including aged receivables and discussed current outstanding issues.  Some key updates include the following items.  For more details on the meetings, please review LHOA Board meeting minutes 2014-06-16.

  • Watershed District has short-term grant available to improve the water quality of Purgatory Creek and Chanhassen waterways.  Carver County Watershed District and Chanhassen Water experts recommended the following based on study of our ponds installing iron-enhanced sand filter trench on Longacres pond (at end of Harrison Hill) to filter phosphorus from going into larger pond and installing 3-10’ perennial buffer around both Longacres ponds with fountains.  The details of the proposals including what, why, how and draft plan of buffer are included in the minutes.  If you have any questions about this project, please email Seth Bossert (sbossert@co.carver.mn.us) from Carver County.
  • CMG Property Manager and Board members did annual walkthrough in May.  Several issues were found and are in the process of being addressed including:  fixing broken split rail fences, moving irrigation rain sensor at one location because it is under trees, re-hanging signs at tennis courts, installing locks on irrigation dog houses to prevent injury and theft, trimming trees coming through Galpin fence and fixing stone falling off entrance monuments.
  • City of Chanhassen completed their study of driving patterns in the neighborhood.  At this time, they do not believe any further action is required.  Speed monitor will be placed in the neighborhood periodically to slow down drivers.  If you have concerns, please contact City Engineers.
  • Board approved moving forward with Next Door for Social Media platform.  This website is used by many neighborhoods including some of the ones surrounding Longacres.  Homeowners can sign-up for regular updates and create their own postings.  Website will be used for neighbors to communicate social activities, classified items including free items, lost and found, recommendations for vendors and crime & safety concerns.  The Board will continue to use LHOA website and emails for all board communication.

Volunteers Needed – National Night out is Tuesday, August 5, Tuesday – We need a couple of people to help co-coordinate and plan simple activities at the gazebo for all of the neighbors to gather, visit and enjoy our common areas. The fire truck is already reserved and ready to show up at 7pm.