LHOA 4/14/14 Board Meeting Minutes & ARC Reminder

April 14 Board meeting – Recently the Longacres Homeowners Association (LHOA) Board met for their quarterly meeting.   They reviewed Q1 financials including aged receivables and discussed current outstanding issues.  Below are some of the topics discussed.  For more details on the meetings, please review LHOA Board meeting minutes 2014-04-14.

  • Landscaping Committee Chair presented recommendation for upgrade to Longacres/Galpin entrance to replace rock with mulch, fix edging and add three 8’ spruce trees, 60 viburnum bushes and 20 hydrangea bushes to replace aged and dying bushes.
  • Reviewed bids for maintenance vendors and chose vendors for most areas. 
  • Homeowner Concerns – discussed several concerns raised by homeowners
    • Tennis Court usage as a dog park concern – City rules prevent off-leash pets in neighborhood parks and pets on tennis court.  Please keep your pets on leashes and dogs off the tennis courts
    • Request for more communication options within our neighborhood.  We will explore closed Facebook group for Longacres residents.
    • Cost share options available through the Riley-Purgatory Bluff Creek Watershed District for association and homeowners interested in improving water quality in this watershed.  Board member met with Seth Bossert from Carver Soil & Water Conservation District to get more information.  Seth will be meeting with Chanhassen water engineer and then coming back to us with options
      • Any homeowner interested in doing something on their own property, can contact Seth (sbossert@co.carver.mn.us) for more information or review this website link to all the information.
      • CMG following up with Chanhassen for our requests to look at how to prevent accidents with unsafe driving practices in the neighborhood and adding a curb cut-out by East Park.  City engineer will be looking at options and providing recommendations.

Architecture Review Committee (ARC) Reminder – It has been a long winter and we have many new neighbors moving in and many of you are looking forward to being outside and making wonderful improvements to your homes.  This is a reminder that if you are planning projects and we wanted to make sure that you were aware that there is a volunteer review committee,  a form needs to be submitted and approvals received prior to starting your project.  Pick click ARC Guidelines for more details.  One of the benefits of a homeowners association is the ability to create and maintain a pleasing and cohesive physical appearance within the neighborhood.   The ARC committee is charged with reviewing any permanent exterior alteration or improvements.  Keep in mind that each homeowner, by accepting the Longacres Homeowners Association governing documents at home closing, has agreed to abide by the terms of those documents.  They were created for your protection.